Auto Repair in New Bern, North Carolina

Minimize the time and money you spend on automotive maintenance with some simple car care techniques. When you take care of your vehicle, your vehicle takes care of you. Keep it running smoothly and efficiently between regular maintenance checkups with these simple car care tips. Have questions not answered below? Give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Change oil and other fluids regularly

Oil and other fluids ensure proper lubrication for the moving parts of your vehicle. They prevent friction that can slow you down and cause damage. When you get regular oil changes and fluid flushes, you ensure your vehicle continues running efficiently and significantly extend the life of your engine. These regular services can also prevent more expensive repairs down the line. Make sure you schedule your regular oil changes every few months.


The trained and certified technicians at White's Tire Service specialize in transmission repairs and rebuilds. We are able to quickly and accurately assess your transmission problems and perform any necessary repairs, large or small. Come in today for a transmission check.

Detailed Vehicle Inspections

When it is time for your vehicle to be inspected, bring it to the technicians at White's Tire Service. Our shop in New Bern, North Carolina, conducts scheduled maintenance, emissions inspections and check engine light assessments. We make sure that your vehicle is within emissions standards. When your vehicle passes the test, we send confirmation to the DMV on your behalf. However, if the vehicle fails the test, we will diagnose the issue.

Maintenance Services

• Batteries
• Lube, Oil, Filter
• Belts & Hose Replacement
• Engine Tune-up
• Tune Up
• Fluid Flushing
• Diagnostics


Electrical system services

• Check Engine Light
• Computerized Engine Controls
• Charging Systems
• Lighting Systems

Wheel Base

• Bearings & Seals
• Tire Balance, Repair and Rotation
• Wheel Alignment Service
• Brake Service
• Suspension Systems

Engine Services

• Gasket installation
• Engine Rebuilds
• Drive Train
• Timing Belt/ Chain Replacement

AC/Heating Services

• AC/Heating Service & Replacement

Exhaust Systems

• Muffler Service

Fuel Systems

• Fuel Injection Systems